A Swiftly Melting Planet

2017-10-11T19:09:22-04:00October 4th, 2007|Climate Change, Environment and Energy, General Topics|

The Arctic ice cap melted this summer at a shocking pace, disappearing at a far higher rate than predicted by even the most pessimistic experts in global warming. But we shouldn’t be shocked, because scientists have long known that major features of earth’s interlinked climate system of air and water can change abruptly.

Terror in the Weather Forecast

2017-08-25T10:03:29-04:00April 24th, 2007|Climate Change, Conflict, Environment and Energy, Environmental Stress and Conflict, General Topics|

DOES climate change threaten international peace and security? The British government thinks it does. As this month’s head of the United Nations Security Council, Britain convened a debate on the matter last Tuesday. One in four United Nations member countries joined the discussion — a record for this kind of thematic debate.

The End of Ingenuity

2017-09-11T18:36:16-04:00November 29th, 2006|Climate Change, Economics (General), Energy, Environment and Energy, General Topics, Ingenuity Gap, Ingenuity Gap (General), Innovation|

Having to search farther and longer for our resources isn’t the only new hurdle we face. Climate change could also constrain growth. A steady stream of evidence now indicates that the planet is warming quickly and that the economic impact on agriculture, our built environment, ecosystems and human health could, in time, be very large.